Grace’s Animal Adventure Story

L.C can I begin to write a story based on one that I have read?

Honey was a very crazy bemblebue but she was very clever. She had bright yellow and black stripes and they glowed in the dark. she lived on the bright yellow  petals of the  beautiful sunflower in the bottom of the glorious garden. One day she overheard her dad speaking, “what are you talking about dad?” she said curiously.

“nothing.” Said dad quickly.

“And mind your own business,” said mum hastily.

“blah blah blah!”  said Honey brightly.

“shut up!” said mum sourly.

“don’t shout,” said dad kindly.

“oh sorry, “said mum “I shouted a little bit then.”

“its o.k.” said Honey reluctantly. “well dad I was just wondering do humans cross the road?”


The next day honey went out on a quest to see if humans do cross the road, she came to a big tall figure and she looked up “WOW that’s tall.” She said to herself. Then she saw some black and white stripes on the floor, and cars stopped when humans walked over it. “I wish cars stopped for me.” she said to herself silently. So she tried to cross the road but a skateboard nearly ran over her “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, but then…………


She tried to flap her wings and then she flew up in the air “WOW!” she said out loud crazily. Half way across the road “I can make it.” She said to herself. “I have made it,” she said “ooh there’s a big tall person that has a badge and it read  P.C. Nelly. So I decided to sit on its shoulder “hello. “said P.C. Nelly.

 “Hi.” Said Honey “can I be your friend please?”

“yes,” said P.C. Nelly.

“I managed to cross the road safely, “said Honey.

 “Well done!” said P.C. Nelly.

“thank you!” said Honey kindly.


“Please can you walk me home?” said Honey.

“Of course,” said P.C. Nelly.

“Oh and can you cross me and my family over the road as well?”

“yes of course I will,” said P.C. Nelly

“oh look there their,” said Honey “ oh mum dad look this is my new friend P.C. Nelly, said she will cross us all over the road safely so none of us get squashed.”

“oh thank you!” said mum and dad kindly.

bumble bee on yellowbadge

By Grace

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