Beth’s Animal Adventure Story

L.c can I write in the style of an adventure STORY?
Beth was a very quiet lidybard but she was always happy. She had black dots on her back. She was bright red and her bright red wings where awesome. She lived in a garden on the top of a flower in the in the middle of the garden. One day she overheard mum and dad, Beth said “what are you taking about mum? She said quickly.
“Nothing Beth. “well there won’t be any point in taking mum. “don’t be cheeky replied mum and dad. “whatever.” Replied Beth. “stop being cheeky shouted dad.
Beth walked to the zebra crossing to the pavement. She nearly gets hit by a bus but gets hit by a cyclist Beth goes home and her words are mixed up. “ih.’’ Said Beth
“what?’’ replied mum and dad. “I don’t know what you’re saying.” said mum. “doing you are “what, are you taking about replied mum and dad.” Oh I think I hurt my self “said Beth.
“how have you, hurt your self,? Replied mum and dad. The next day, she goes to the park at the park she gets wet by the milk float, she is soaking by the milk float. The milk floats bottles all smashed Beth goes home and, gets dry. Mum says “why are you wet? Replied mum. Because the milk mans bottles all smashed.”
Beth said how do humans cross the road.? Well you go to the lollipop lady ok, replied mum and dad so they all go to the lollipop lady. And cross the road with the lollipop lady.

By Beth

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