Book Cycle With Wigan Athletic

On Wednesday Year 4 and Year 5  helped Wigan Athletic Youth Team players complete their ‘story-telling’ training at the Book-Cycle venue in Beech Hill.

Thank you to all the parents / carers who came with us to help out and we hope that you enjoyed listening to the stories and also the wonderful questions that the children asked. If any parents / carers would like to come on our next trip to Book Cycle, please let Mr Sharkey or Mrs Cavanagh know at school.

Watch the official Wigan Athletic video here:

Beth’s Fantastic Animal Story

The two gardeners

There was a dog called fanatic dog. He had brown eyes and he was a black and brown dog. Then he met two gardeners. They were nasty and mean and one of them had red her and the other gardeners had blue her. It was not nice there her. The gardeners did not like fanatic dog. But      fanatic dog didn’t like the gardeners. Because the fanatic dog wanted something and one of the gardeners had apple pie and the other gardeners had a drink and the drink was apple. And the fanatic dog wanted some of the apple pie and the apple drink .The fanatic dog had a plan. At night he went to the gardeners house and got the apple pie then fanatic dog said oh no then fanatic dog ran as fast as he could and he ran drown a hole. The gardeners ran as fast as they could but fanatic dog was to fast so because they did not get him the gardeners was up set because they could not catch fanatic dog. Then gardeners went to bed because  they where so tired  so fanatic dog went  back to the gardeners house and there was a drink  what was apple. Then fanatic dog got the apple drink and fanatic dog went back with the apple drink and in the morning the apple drink was not there. Then the two gardeners now that fanatic dog had the apple drink. Then the gardeners walked to fanatic dogs hold. They said I no you are in that hold said the gardeners then fanatic dog had a plan. Fanatic dog still had some apple drink left  so he came out of the hold  and fanatic dog ran as fast as he could. Then the two gardeners ran after fanatic dog but he was to fast

Then fanatic dog said ha I told you that you could not get me. Then the two gardeners had a plan they was walking to fanatic dogs hold and they went to it and they said ‘’ what would you for dinner? ‘’ ‘’noting, because I no it is you. So they went back to bed and they was upset. Then fanatic dog went to the two gardeners house and he got everything he wanted and the two gardeners got up and they had nothing to eat so they was sad and fanatic dog said ha. 

Leila’s Amazing Animal Story

squid2One day there was a squid he was called fantastic
Mr squid he wanted to be a superhero he had some next door neighbours
there was mad jelly  he stared running

around when he heard the name squid and there was  Mr sharky
the bad hunted  diver he lived in

a underwater hunted house and squid had a diamond shape at the top of his head.
The next   day mad jelly was playing football with his
friends the ball got kicked near the haunted house.
So he went to get it but
his friends did not want him but he did not and a carpet pulled him in then
squid so he ran in then he found him then the carpet pushed them out then Mr
sharky came and hunted them but then hi stopped the end by Leila


Maxwell’s Amazing Animal Story


Down in the forest there were three farmers and they were called Bobby, Thinny and Gobbler and they were disgustingly rich. Bobby was quite tall,

Very chubby and never took his clothes off, so

He was very smelly, then there was Thinny who was very, very tall and thin as a pencil.

And last of all there was Gobbler  who was the 

Most foolish farmer and extreamly fat.


One day a spider came along and ate all of the carrots that the farmers were growing. His name was Super Spider.                        


He had a red cape with soil-brown skin and a strange bobbly hat. After a while the farmers found out that all the carrots were disappearing, so they all started accusing each other.

“It must have been you Gobbler you’re so greedy!” cried Thinny.

“I know who it was.” Said Gobbler “I saw it, it was a spider that lives in a tree!”

“well lets cut down all the trees then!” snapped in Bobby. spider


One night Super Spider  and his family woke up and their tree had fallen over, “what’s going on?” asked all of  the children

“I don’t know.” Replied Super Spider quivering with fear.

Suddenly a huge waterfall burst into a hole in the tree, the last thing that Super Spider saw was the three farmers escaping to the moon and two robots taking away his children.


“where are we?” asked Super Spider weakly.

“we’ve woken up in an underground tunnel.” Replied Mrs spider. Then they both saw a rocket so they could go to the moon.


“do you even know how to control this thing?” asked Thinny

“no, I don’t” replied Bobby

“wha-aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed all the three farmers.

Plonk! Gobbler had got stuck in a crater on the moon.

Bobby and Thinny tugged but they couldn’t get Gobbler out but then Super Spider dropped a huge cage on them. They were trapped! Super Spider went back home and saved his children and planted all the trees again. But he didn’t know that the farmers are still out there… lightning

Grace’s Amazing Animal Story

Down in the forest there was a haunted house. There were three frogs that live there 2 baby’s and 1 super frog. Super frog always wore a blue and red cape . He  had a chocolate brown moustache. There was an evil  person  called  jester . They did not get on very well . They always  played tricks  on  each other  but there no ordinary tricks , there  GROSS !  Jester slept in a pop up box that was basically his room .  Jester had   night vision goggles  so id  he  did  a trick in the middle of  the night , it  would  be easier


The first trick they ever did was ……. Jester  crept  in to Super Frog s bedroom and shouted  BOO ! He woke Super Frog  up and the baby’s. Super Frog felt ANGRY ! So the next  night  whilst  Jester  was in  his bed  super frog crept in and shoved  a squished  fox under his pillow  yuck! When Jester looked  under his pillow  he shouted AAHH! 



The next  day Jester  was climbing a jester tree that was very old because he was going to paint it with super glue  so when super frog was going to get stuck. But  super frog didn’t baby  frog did . “dad help”  said baby frog  “ok I’m coming.” 


“Jester can  we please just be friends .” said  super frog . “ ok then super frog  I guess so .” replied Jester . I wont do it again . said  Jester . So Jester  and super frog  lived happily ever after in the haunted house that is now a happy house.


Braidie’s Amazing Animal Story

Once there lived two people called Billy and bob. They were two horrible people. Billy was shaped like a hand. Bob was just wired. Every day they wore re different collared clothes every day. Billy always wore a hat. Bob always wore a dress. They were both boys and they was really mean. They lived in a hontied house. They had cracked windows. They had a cracked door. And they had blood on the wall.


They had a dog called super dog. They always kept chucking him out. Because they were mean. They did not like him at all they always laugh at him because he had a puffy tale. They gave him poison in his food it made if feel tiered. He smelt like chocolate cake.



He got an idea. He thought that he should go to his grandma and granddad s house. His grandma and granddad was really kink. On his way there he met a girl dog she said “can you get me some food because I have not have eny food “so they to tried remember where they lived. Super dog smelt were it was he got some food.


The grandma wore glasses and she had white patches. His granddad was really fat he didn’t do anything at all. They said “who is this super dog? “He said   “a girl from the street. “ My cars kept chucking me out”   the grandma said “you can live here with us” they all had a fest. Super dog and the other dog hade children . they all felt really happy. The  granddad loved the 3 children.

                         THE END