Kian’s story


They where always fighting like lions. Kian was 10, Ryan was 10. Kian was kind when he was not fighting with his brother. They both got sent to there room suddenly when they got to there room, They looked out there window. They saw something glowing they sneaked out there room.


Suddenly when they got their dog was digging something up when the dog was finished Kian picked it up. Then the floor started shacking suddenly. The floor shot off They saw every planet Venus, Neptune. Pluto, the sun, mars.


Then with a big BANG they landed they didn’t no which planet the were on it was so big planet  then a massive alien and we did not no what to do we chucked the diamond at it he fell down with a big thud.


they round  the moon there where even more aliens they tried to fight us but we just tried to fight back they won all of them in an instant the queen attacked  they threw the dimond and ran as fast as they could.


they found the floor and tried to get it working they didn’t no what to do we both jumped and it flew of when they got home they sneaked to there  room.





Eve’s story

They were heart broken. As heart broken as Someone who lost the Olympics. Eve and Daniel were slumped outside their house just at that moment Freddy went past. Eve and Daniel glanced at each other and stood up and grouchily walked over to Freddy’s van.


Now your probably wondering why they were heart broken. Well their gran just died. As they walked back to their house the ice cream in Eve’s hand started to twitch, then it grew bigger and bigger. Gradually it was big enough for Eve and Daniel to get on. Daniel climbed on and Eve climbed on after him. Suddenly the ice cream jerked and went hurtling upwards.


It seemed like they were sat there for hours, years even. Finally they landed, instantly Eve knew were they were. They were in heaven. Suddenly their gran and granddad floated up to them. Eve and Daniel were over joyed. They spent hours and hours with there gran and granddad. Finally when it was time to go, the ice cream came and got them. They said “good bye” and gave them a hug each. They climbed on the ice cream and went hurtling down.


When they were back in their little street they rushed in doors and told their Mum and Dad everything. Then their mum and dad told them you are the very first people to do that so make sure you remember what happened today and remember it forever.


By Eve