I am at my dads having SO much fun with eliese we have been shopping and got lots and lots of  clothes and shoes and stationery  stuff for school I really enjoyed it at St. Andrews priamry school now I have said my good byes and that put a tear in my eyes but I hope u got over me from leaving I will vist some time soon miss u all at Wigan st.andrews ce priamry school xxxxxxx from mckena xxxxxxxx

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  1. Thanks for your lovely message McKena. We all miss you too but hope that you’re having a great time with your friends back at St. John’s. It’s wonderful to hear from you and the classroom is a lot quieter without you ! 🙂
    Stay in touch,
    Year 4 B-)

  2. I hope have a lovely time at St. John’s again miss u lots and lots I like the message have a lovely time 🙂 xx

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