mine and mckenas fab day

had a fab day today went mckenas and had tea it was verry yummy and we had afters but i never do so that was good then we went to mckenas room and watched diary of a wimpy kid 2 it was really fun then we went to the consertry and they have this thing i dont know what it dose or anything but we tryed to work that then it worked it really was fun and the good part is i am goin tommorrow as well yey 🙂

Abbie m and mckena

I am having soooooo much fun at Mckenas we just had tea it was yummy and then we had afters it was yummy I never tryed it But it was yummy thought then we went too watch diary of a wimpy kid that was good and mr sharkey I did my homework thane after that we danced to gangam style and Mckena was goin crazy lol xx

I am at my dads having SO much fun with eliese we have been shopping and got lots and lots of  clothes and shoes and stationery  stuff for school I really enjoyed it at St. Andrews priamry school now I have said my good byes and that put a tear in my eyes but I hope u got over me from leaving I will vist some time soon miss u all at Wigan st.andrews ce priamry school xxxxxxx from mckena xxxxxxxx