6 thoughts on “An Amazing Visitor”

  1. i am going to my dads house i will teyk my own laptop with me so i can talk to you my dad lives in chorley so i will be there in 15 minits i fink that test was hard i wish on monday i was star of the day to get a toy and my best wish is to be star of the week i wish at the end of year 4 i get to ceep the book of star of the week for a memry of year 4

  2. You did really well with the Numeracy test Keira. There were some challenging questions and you tried your best – well done! Keep working hard and I’m sure that you can be Star of the Day, or even Star of the Week, again soon.

  3. Henry VIII was a big fat man .. He couldn’t keep his head out of the frying pan .. He couldn’t keep away from the sweetly jar … He wouldn’t have ended up like dracular

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