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on tuesday night something breath taken happend at wigan St.andrews primary school  philip said”after football training i was cleaning up in year 4 class room when i heard somthing very strange philip year 4 teacher had a check in the trays  there happend to be nothing there ”  he cheked under the table nothing there he waked over to the window the buzzing noice got louder  so he went to the junior play ground door and out he went ran down the hill past the bike shelter hugging the wall hoping not to be seen he got to the bins there where something  coulorful about 10m ofe the ground he  ran over in to the infant playground hopefuly he still had the p.e coubard key with his horror  the infants had bloked the coubard with twigs and stones agin AAAAAAAGGG  HE  scraped them all out and put the key in and slammed the door behind him he bravley opend the door a bit then a bit more he couldent belive his eyes there was a big mother ship a platform come down there stood thousands of aliens  they said ”we….come…in…peace”  he asked if they would like a cup of tea the alien said ”gobble….goble”  he walked up the hill slowly behind him walked the alien they both got in the staff room he put the kettle on he was just about to ask would they like sugar an milk then the alien shot through the wall philip caught him in year 4 class room looking at the names on the trays and the pictures on the wall in know time the alien shot through the window leaving no marks philip ran out the class room on to the junior play ground ran down the hill he got to the infant playground he was feeling soso sad he said” i hope the children belive me tommorow



this is the alien he saw

 mckenas funky skates

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  1. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i love them skates. i’ll have them when your done with them ha ha!

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