abbie m and ellie

we are at ellies we had a lot of fun first then it was rubish ellie was of the laptop and i couldent do nothing so i was bourd we went on that jous game and after  i could write this it is abbie by the way so it is really a 28 september 2012 on friday at school i did zumba at friday fun after we had a girls football meeting it was cwite fun becase that was my first meeting this is abbie who is writing this and we we had a new book what was my fast writing book we did a story  in our jotters first after we did all our story in our jotter witch i did so i wrote in my jotter  so i did my lerrning chaling my title witch was france  after i wrote my in my book the story but i didnt do all of my stor because we just had 30 miuntes to do