Molly’s Dilemma Story

One sunny afternoon, Molly, an eight year old girl, was sitting on a tree branch near her friends, looking at the dreamy blue sky.

The others were having a fight what Molly didn’t like, but still Molly went along, still day dreaming about how much she wanted a Freddy (an Ice cream).

Some of the girls started crying, but Molly didn’t, the fight started because, her friends went home without telling her, the girls went round the block lots of times and the girls were scared because Molly ringed Sian and  she didn’t anser  her. So when she came back that’s when the fight started.

Suddenly, a man came out of his house and said “you’re destroying it” right in molly’s face she said quietly sorry and then she was speechless. Sian said “we haven’t done any thing” then he said… I might have to call the police and that’s what got every one frightened, then Ella went home and told her mum and she said he won’t call the police, after, her mum said Zoe’s dad knows that man he just likes to scare children and the girls all told there mums in the end except Sian.

  Then, Anya went home and told her mum and her mum said “he won’t call the police and Anya’s mum works with the police so Anya’s mum knows he won’t call the police. So then, Anya came running to them and said “my mum said he won’t call the police cause she works with the police” so then the girls all forgot about the fight and were happily friends again.

Casey’s Story


One day they was a girl how lift with her mum and dad they lift inn a cottage. They was poor and the girl called Casey dint have any friends. And one she was bored so she went outside to find some friends a girl come bay but just worked away, the next girl said I will be your friend and they was best friends for ever.


            The end

by Casey