Fantastic Football Poem

Do not stop me I am on a roll,
Because I am heading towards the goal.
Past one, past two, a third one next,
I am starting to think I could be the best.
BANG! It’s in the net,
Another goal, you can bet.
Yes, a win, time to celebrate,
Another game next week, I can’t wait
A hat-trick, I am taking the match ball home,
I’m top scorer in the league, sat on the throne.
By Joseph

Molly’s Story


One day I went to my cousin’s house with my sister and my dad. My name is Molly. I come from Wigan, and I’m eight years old. My cousin said I’m my name is sofie. I’m twelve years old I have brown hair and I love music. I’m a good writer and I have brown hair. Your dress is pink just like mine. Then Sophie showed me around, she did have some pets she said they are rabbits but I didn’t no there names. I have two cat there could Daisy a and Fizz, fizz is 4 and Daisy is nearly 11 and she’s black and green and has a grey tail.

Then I found a new door and me and Sophie and went froe. Next I fell froe a toasted marsh mellow it was giant slide. Me and Sophie was looking everywhere north, south, east and west but she didn’t see me.So there was only one place to look IN THE TOASTED MARSH MELLOW, she jumped and jumped until she had to go down the toasted marsh mellow, so she did and she fell down slowly Sophie had to get there fast before the marshen turned me into something. But Sophie didn’t get there in time so I got turned into a chocolate crocodile. After that, I sour Sophie she picked me up and climb up the laddeder.


Suddenly we jumped onto the marsh mellow river and Sophie took me in out and I turned back. soon we saw a door again we jumped on 10 marsh mellows and sophie could reech the handle so she opend  it and we went out just intime for me to go home.

Creepy Castle



Creepy castle


Hello’ my name is Farrah and i have a best friend called Sian. I am a chatterbox .and i am a very busy Girl. Farrah and Sian played together all day long.

I am left footed and she is right footed. Our friendship

Is pretty weird because i like curry and Sian hates curry

And…unbelievably Sian doesn’t like sweets I love sweets;

I love dogs and she likes cats. Sian’s eyes are as shiny as the sun light my eyes are as dull as the midnight sky

Sian likes boring old writing and I like awesome adventures I have brown curly hair Sian has blonde Straight hair

 One night I was in bed and the creepy blanket started to move and I climbed on the awesome blanket.

We went back in time to some were

 When we went back in time we saw two gummy bears arguing  we landed infront of the one the only

King henry the VIIIand his dreadful wife Anne of cleaves

And… henryshouted “what are you doing in my church “we whispered w…e…w…e…n…t…b…a…c…k…i…n…t…i…m…e…

Henry shouted “there is no such thing as back in time”

And we stood still for a split moment then henry demanded “get to the execution room now” so we ran to the execution rooms as soon as we got there we ran ran as fast as we could we got to the blanket

And flash i was back home having tea I wanted to go on

Another  adventure to go to a sweet land but it wasn’t true.