Isaac’s Story

Monstro City



One day  a boy called Mini Jim was playing in his room. His room was messy suddunley a flash light before he could aaaaaaaaaaah he got sukked in .


“We we were am’I” said Mini Jim. A Zommer came in and saw Mini Jim he dropped his grossery and scermed “aaaaaahhhhhhhh” said Zommer “calm down monster” said Mini Jim “ok my name is mario89301”said the Zommer. “I just went to the spar and spiked my hair up. I wonder why I’ve got a crack on my head and no eye. I’ll go and ask elder furi” said Mario89301 “who” said Mini Jim “nobody” “oh”. “See ya” said Mario89301 “where you going” “to the volcano” said mario89301 “why” “to get some lava to eat” said Mario 89301 neversly. Mario 89301 dini’t really like lava he just ran out of something to say “ok see ya later”said Mini Jim “yep” said Mario89301 rellved Mini Jim did suspeack something was wrong so he followed Mario 89301 it was weard. The lava moved but he snuck in unforchunley Mini Jim triped up “ow” said  Mini Jim in pain.

“Intrueder  alert!” said Elder furi loudly “attack” said Elder furi “wait” said Mini Jim “ok” said Mario 89301 “wait it might be a trap” said Elder furi “it’s not he is my friend” said Mario89301. “is he” said Elder furi “yes” said Mario89301.


“Right this is our plan we sneak in and take um by sprise ok” right” said Mario89301 meanwhile Mini Jim was not leasing he was just wondering round in till something caught his eye it was shying like a crystal in fact it was a crystal and it shone like the moon anyway. Mini Jim took it


But what mini Jim didn’t now  Dr Strange Glove set a trap for him somehow he knowed where he was going nobody new how but that’s why he’s stange. Anyway he set it and mini Jim fell for it ha ha ha said Dr Strage Glove  giggiling mini Jim was felling  confused  then he realized that he was traped meanwhile at the volcano mario89301 had gone he had noteiced that mini Jim had gone so he followed him he grabed the fastest husky’s and went straight after him he searched all monstro city in till he remembered that there was candy cane cave’s so that where he went and there was mini Jim so he shouted as loud as he could “use the diamond in your bag” shouted Mario89301 “ok” mini Jim command leave this town peace. Later on they said good bye and went mini Jim’s mum came in tea time.    


Bradley’s Fantasy Story

The Cyclops

James sat there impatiently in his miserable bed. James had just been sent to bed without his supper. His room was scruffier than a hedgogs spikes, the only thing that weren’t scruffy was a golden key that only opened the attic in his room, but its caged so hes not aoud to touch it.He can only unlock the cage to get it. So that night he crept out of his dirty bed and walked carefully downstairs. At the end of the stairs he saw the keys dangling on the kitchen door knob. James ran rapidly to the kithen before his mum came. He ran back as fast as his legs could carry him. James unlocked it and got the golden key, but suddenly a source of energy went through him.” “This must be giving me energy” thought James. So he climbed the rusty ladder and opened it .THEN SUDDENLY SWHOOSH !a huge portal came out “AHHHHH” but first he took out a juice cartoon and sipped it and went back screaming again. Suddenly he woke up dizzy but wasn’t in his room he was in a cave filled with weird monsters called cyclops! All the cyclops had one scary eyeball and a very hairy chest. After a few minuites all the monsters lined up cautisouly next to an enormous door that had two hungry eyeballs staring at the cavey floor. BANG! The doors slammed opened on two cyclops body. Two giant mammoths came out wearing shining armour. A big carriage came out and in it was a big Cyclops with big muscles and it shouted “today we fight until our eyes boil!” the king screamed but before he said another word he saw James hiding behind a rock.”INTRUDER ALERT!” shouted the king. The cyclops suddenly turned to him and licked there lips,”don’t stand there get him!” ordered the king. James knew what to do in this situaion, RUN! So he ran as fast as a cheeta. After a few minutes of running he found a strange portal “ I think that’s the same portal in my bedroom” thought James, but he had to get in it quick because the monsters are right on his tail. So he jumped in “AHHH” suddenly he was in his scruffy old bed again and just in time for his steaming hot supper.