My Pen Pal In Geography

                                                                         01 April 2011

Dear Boy

My name is Alexander and I’m 9 Years old and I’m going to tell you more about Wigan. Wigan is home to two sport teams we have a rugby team called Wigan Warriors and we have a football team called Wigan Athletic, they play at a stadium called The DW Stadium. We have 3 Parks in Wigan we have Menses Park, Haigh hall and I can’t remember the other park. We have 3 Famous food factories there’s Heinz, Uncle Joe’s mint balls and Pattack’s. We have a couple of shopping centres we have a shopping centre called the Grand Arcade and we have the Galleries Shopping centre.

We have some interesting buildings like the Wigan life museum, Parish Church and Wigan swimming baths. One of the most popular high schools in Wigan is the Deanery High school.



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