Who has the biggest poo?
There are lots of different shapes and sizes of poo(or faeces if you want to use its scientific name)because animals come in all different shapes and sizes. Generally, the bigger the animal the bigger the faeces. The biggest animal is the blue whale and its poo is 5-10 meters tall and 25 cm wide. However the smallest animal is the Bumble bee bat its poo is like a pin its that small.In addition carnivores  (meat eaters)  have smaller faeces than herbivores (plant eaters)There are less nutrients in grass and vegetables
Why is poo smelly? Poo is smelly because of what you eat.your body has gasses that makes your poo very smelly.     It carry’s gasses like co2, nitrogen, oxygen, and methane
Why is poo normally black or brown? Poo is normally black or brown because, that mixing different colours in food is like mixing all the colours in a paint box- you get a dark yucky colour.Anoher reason is that  when a body digests food it breaks down it to some of the colours it contained leaving it dull and greyish.
What fascinating facts do you know?
The dung beetle lives off other animals poo.poos scientific name is faeces. Poo is made of food and dead blood cells.

By Jamie M 🙂

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