All about me!!!

Hi, I am Kayleah A. I love to go on the School Web and put posts on my name is the 2nd biggest Alex has put on MILLIONS of posts on I THINK JUST OVER FIFTY!!!

I have a pet dog called Buster he is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ He always makes me laugh and smile, he is always very vey very very jumpy and boisterous and he always wants to play!

I love to write storys I used to have a book with 11 pages with stories that I had written but when my cousions had messed up my room we had to clean it again I was taking a cup down stairs and then I could not find it anywhere they said that they did not move it but i knew that they did.

I absolutley adore singing and dancing when I grow up that is what I would to like to do for my job I do it all ofย  the time with all of my friends.ย 

I go to St Andrews school and have a fun time.

I have a brilliant family and a brillinant friend

By kayleah A

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