All about me!!!!

My name is Emily

I was born on 9th of December 2001. My favourite colour is teal ( bluey Green) I have 11 pets 4 guinea pigs Walnut, mine, Scotch, Chloe’s, Bruno, mums, Gary, Georgia’s. 3 cats Bootsey, Flavour and magic Sid. 4 stick insects Feb, frizzle frazz and pop. I have 2 sisters my older one is called Chloe and my younger one is called Georgia. My favourite food is carbonara pasta- yum, yum. My favourite music artist’s are Noisettes and Demi Lovato. My mum’s name is Kath and my dad’s name is Simon and he lives in whales. My favourite subject is art. My favourite teacher is Mrs. Holmes. My favourite thing is either going bike riding or making and painting and even coming to school. I live in Wigan. I absolutely love my life I can’t imagine it being better.

By emily j          


2 thoughts on “All about me!!!!”

  1. It sounds like we’ve got a zoo at home. That’s so lovely Emily. I’m glad you love your life

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