The evil monster

One  brite day I was in bed with my teddey. At 6:00am I woke- up and saw my grandad. It was amasing seeing my grandad. So he walked to my ballkenney.And a  monster jumped on my grandad and my grandad’s hed was broken open and we needed to hospitel qwikly. So I was krayin to bits.

So we whent to the hospitel and and I said “Are you rate”. “YES” said my grandad. And I went home I was up all night. I was tayet


dogs are nice pets i know 4 dasiy, rascel ,jack and lexi. me and megan have got more pepole to do are club we got lucy, kayleah,
Kayleigh,william and katie to do it.And i know 3 more Afie matty and tyson.So don`t get rid of dog s who you like 🙁 all 7 are kind dogs and i love dasiy and jack.Dasiy is a shitzu,jack is a sheep dog,Lexi is a shitzu and rascal is a jack russel.

by caitlin

Catherine of Aragon

6 wives

Catherine of Aragon

Name: Catherine of Aragon
Father: Ferdinand II of Aragon
Mother: Isabella of Castile
Born: December 16, 1485 at Alcala de Hernares, Spain
Married:(1) Arthur Prince of Wales, on November 14, 1501
Married (2): Henry VIII, on June 11, 1509
Children: Mary
Died: January 7, 1536 at Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, aged 50 years, and 20 days
Buried at: Peterborough Cathedral

Catherine was the youngest child of Ferdinand II and Isabella I of castle rulers of Spain. She was descended from the English royal family through her great grandmother Catherine of Lancaster and her great- great- great- grandfather was John of Gaunt of the house of Lancaster. Her brothers and sisters married in to European dynasties and she was the aunt of Charles V, holy Roman emperor. She was brought up a strict roman catholic. Henry VII of England wanted an alliance of Spain and England against France, and at the age of 3 she betrothed oldest son Arthur who was only two at the time. When she  was almost 15 she travelled to England and was married to Arthur, prince of Wales at St Pauls cathedral. 

by Emily j            



When The Shark Went To The Park

one day a big fat shark went to the park and found a spark in the dark and the shark lit the spark and everyone was on fire but the shark carried on swimming and then found Noah’s ark but suddenly Noah’s ark stopped and Noah climbed off it and fell in the water but the shark had lit the spark so Noah and his ark and everybody at the park died but the shark lived and then named the park the sharks park.

By Jamie

henry the 8th

Prince Henry

Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII, was born by Elizabeth of York June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace. Since he was the second son, and not expected to become king, we know little of his childhood until the death of his older brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. We know that Henry attended the wedding celebrations of Arthur and his bride, Catherine of Aragon, in November 1501 when he was 10 years old.

Shortly after the wedding, Arthur and Catherine went to live in Wales, as was tradition for the heir to the throne. But, four months after the marriage began, it ended, with Arthur’s death.

A treaty was signed that would allow Catherine to marry the next heir to the throne — Prince Henry.  Catherine’s parents were Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.

by caitlin

Mr Sharkey

Mr Sharkey is my teacher in year 4 he is brilliant and he allways gives us fun tasks to do in litracy and at playtime he lets us play in the computer sweat on mathletics and on the school website create powerpoints and type up stories that we have written earlier in are books

Mr Sharkey is the best



I like toads but they are nothing like roads.

I hate dogs but they are nothing like logs.

I like pigs but they do like to dig.

I hate bats and there nothing like cats.

I like me but I am nothing like a bee.

I hate hogs but there nothing like frogs.

By Jamie

School Disco

On Tuesday 15th of feb 2011 there was a disco at Wigan St Andrews school.You Had to pay 2 Pounds Includied in the price You got To wear your own cloaths,Have a disco in the hall,have some food and do some Party games il tell you just one you had to guess infomation about the teacher Like Whos foot is bigger Mr Hoban’s or mrs Cavannah’s Foot (It was Mr Hoban’s foot)

I Realy Enjoyed Wigan St Andrews School Disco

And im looking forward for the next disco

By alex :_)