Shahd has recently joined our class.  She is from a place in Libya called Tripolii.  I’ve had a look on the internet and this is what I found out about her country:

Libya  is a country in North Africa. it’s on the border of the Mediterranean Sea.  Other countries near to Libya are Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Algeria and Tunisia.

Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and the 17th largest in the world!!!  There are almost six and a half million people who live there!!   It’s capital is named Tripoli.   The flag of Libya consists of just a green field .

I wellcome her warmly to are class year 4 🙂

By Kayleah A


ghosts! ghosts! everywhere in your bedroom what a scare!

they maybe white they maybe bright one thing is sure they will give you a fright

“children children watch out” I say for ghosts are coming they’ll get you one day

beware! beware! you children beware! the ghosts are coming the’re everywhere


Year4 is wicked. I have Loads of fun.

We have the best teacher ever Mr. Sharkey. He is cool,

If we get a question wrong he doesn’t shout he just talks us through it.

I have the best of friends. Such as.















Everyone is so nice and we all have a great time in year4.

We have so many fun topics.

Thanks for reading by Emily j



Red Pandas

Red Pandas look a bit like racoons or foxes. They are covered in red fur, these little rascals spend of their time climbing from branch to branch, high up in the trees – they even sleep in them. Red Pandas are most acitive at night, red pandas love to munch on bamboo leaves, berries, blossom and bird eggs. They are really shy so they like to live on their own. Red Pandas are an endangered species. There are only 2,500 left in the wild due to the loss of their habitat and being hunted for their fur. They can be found in China and the Himalayas in the wild, they even have red fur on the soles of their feet! The tails of a Red Panda can grow up to 60cm long – the same length as their body.


the blossom shoots out
i like playing in the park
spring makes you feel so happy
the birds fly around

summer is so hot
smoke from barbaques
go on holiday
you need water allthe time
do not get burned from sun

leaves fall off the trees
it starts going colder
the leaves turn brown
it is halloween
thirty first of october

there is lots of snow
you really need some coco
choc calender time
people sledging down the streets
santa claus is coming now

Different langueges

First i am going to teach you some italian

Ciao questo breve pezzo di informazioni è sugli Incas, ma in italiano! ihope che ti piace

Inkas era ricco, ma che lo diddnt Meen con la quantità di oro che avevano, ma il francese ha fatto il francese è andato ovwer al Inca e il thourght Incas che erano loro divinità solari! E tooiko più di là dell’or

The Tudors è stato molto disgustoso e che attraverso la loro attività fuori dalla finestra!

Now about the ancient roman gods and godesses in german
 Die Römer haben viele Götter und Göttinnen auch für die stupidist Dinge wie clocina aber ein netter afriditi ist die Göttin der buety:)
I hope that ytou like it 🙂

Horrible histories

This is a link which will allow you to play games (to do with historie) watch clips of episods and listen to the spectacular songs to learn more about  favorite is the king of bling by Charles the 2nd are also songs about tudors monks,inkans,boudicca (wich is awesome!!!) and another one of my faviroties the spartan school musical

Bye Kayleah A.

The Celts (by kayleah)

How long did the celts rule England? Around 15 years but they were great frighters! And they had some pretty wierd activites. they would tatoo all round thier bodys and the boys would never wear tops!  

The Celtic tribes attacked the Romans and brought down the empire. Thus, in 410 AD they had the start of a 1000 years of the “dark ages”. The Romans were seen as the world force at the time and the Celtic tribes wanted some of that power.
by Kayleah