The shirt machine (Short)L.C Can I write an explanation texts?

firstly you will need to collect you parts for your machine you can find them at the junkjard,  beach, neighbours or even order them in specily from a manifactor.

Seccondly you will need to start to build your machine you will need to twist, push, pull, screw all the parts together. then you will have a wonderfull machine.

Next you will need to swich it on pull the swich down till the light on the panal comes on with a red light comes on.

After that you will need to take some chocolate to get your brain working fantasticly.

Then when your computer is on you will need to tipe in the computer what the shirt is going to do and what it will look like.

After that the machine starts to make your Fantastic t-shirt it make this noise when it comes on “rupa rarka chang  rupa ranker chang” and when its finnish it goes “zibbbb zop.”

Then when its finished at the other end theres a slot where they come out of in wrapping paper and neatly folded.

Finally, write who its for and what it does.

By Alex 🙂