The miniplanet explanation text for newbies to miniplanet. L.c can i write a explanation text? GREEN

On a game called mini planet on the computer I decided to make a explanation text for the new people on mini planet and i thought that you would like to hear it …

First newbies ask your friends to add you as a nieghbour
Then go to the packet of cards at the bottom of the screen. that is where you play all of the great games like top spin of cube.
Now for the difficult bit. go to the bottom of the screen. to the right you will see a globe. click on the globe to go to the contry yard and more places as you progress on mini planet. you may be having trouble going out from your house but if you go into a diffrent area such as your friends house then miniplanets will escort you out of the room.
Now that you are in the contry yard lets go and add a buddie!!! How to add a buddie,well actually it is pretty easy !!! First you click on the boy/girl that you would like to add. here is an example: if you wanted to add somebody, say that there username is kjcool, (me) click with your mouse, then click the small image around the bottom of there profile that popped up to you afew seconds ago:) (now that you have added them as a buddy a nice thing to do is give love and happiness to them)(by clicking the love heart) As you play you will get better and better on mini planet right here i have tourght you the basic things about mini planet ENJOY !!!
Kayleah A