My dog

I love my dog because he is the best dog in my life. His name is Diesel he is 6 years old in november. Diesel is an american bulldog, white with black spots. He is big and cute. I feed him and give him water every morning. I take him to the flash with my mum, dad and mackenzie for a walk Diesel love it. I love to stoke him and hug him I dont like it when he slavers on me. My mum goes mad. And all my family love him to. there is 7 dog’ s in are family.

my nan’s are bob, till. and my uncle’s dogs are cash and walle  my aunty’s dog is charley and lola.

Luke – R

About Cubs

What is cubs ?

Cubs is a scouting group what Me,Jake,Ben,Ethan,James,Rhys and Curtis go to.

What do you do at cubs ?

At cubs you play games such as doge ball , Rattle snake and much much more.

Where is cubs ?

Want to know were  Me,Jake,Ben,Ethan,James,Rhys and Curtis go to? We go to 7th wigan (All Saints)

And thats all about cubs

By alex


Mr.Sharkey is the year4 class teacher.

He is fun and he makes school fun,

I absolutaley hate maths but if I’m stuck on a question he helps me and he makes maths a lot funner.

In literacy we are doing poems that rhyme and have symmilies,

I love what were doing.

I like everything in school apart f5rom maths but thats a bit more fun!!!

Mr. sharkey is the best class teacher ever

by Emily j



 your hair is like a fuzzy bear


you’re coat is as bright as  the sun


you love to play around all day


you’re roar is as big as a tiger





are a ………………………………


By Emily j