The wobbly Jelly and eyeball

In a land far away lived a little jelly called Wibble and a eyeball called Ellie. One day Wibble was in his house when a monster came and knocked on the door and tried to catch him but then the monster got him and took him to his den. Then the monster heard a noise from above his den so he went outside to see what it was… it was a loud alien called Squiggles. He took him in his den for tea but then he noticed that the Wibble was gone. Suddenly he saw that Ellie the eyeball had saved  him he was angry but then he saw Ellie the eyeball had saved the day.

The  End

By Lucy A

Howard Carter

Howard Cater was the man who found Thutan khamun Egypt’s fifth king who had had mummification. He did not believe in the curse. When he found the mummy he had a mosquito bite on his cheek but on king thutan’s cheek he had one in exactly the same place. Howard Carter was in his 40’s or 50’s when he found the mummy. Seventeen years later he died by natrual causes.

By Kayleah A


Cats in danger
Wild Cats are another of the most endangered groups of
animals in the world.The loss of their habit is one of the
biggest threts to the already dwindling population of wild cats.
Hunting for their fur and  body parts,and illegal pet trade have
also contributed heavily to the present situations of these
wild creature.


Swaying Trees

have you ever wondered what the trees like to do?

sway sway sway

have you ever wondered what the trees like to do?

sway sway sway

have you ever wondered what colour winter trees are?

orange brown yellow

have you ever wondered what colour trees are in the summer?

dark green light green dark green light green

have you ever wondered what colour are tree stumps are?

brown brown

have you ever wondered what colour are tree stumps are?

brown brown

have you ever wondered how tall trees are?

I don’t know I don’t know

have you ever wondered how tall a tree is?

I don’t know I don’t know

trees are all different sizes that’s all I know that’s all I know

 by emily j

What i got for christmas

for christmas i got and doll and a pram

a spongebob sqarepants wii game. A just dance wii game. and a grease wii game.

a girls password jornle

a icarly sam’s remote

a girls BMX bike

a hello kitty scooter

a twilight sence it game

a twilight bed fleas

a twilight bedding

a hannah montana glitter stuido

some twistables crayons

the wishing chair book


i got 3 seletion boxs

some  choclattes in the shape of santa

choclatte pennys

and a twilight bracelate

and a lot more presents and choclattes

by megan

Katherine Howard

Katherine Howard

Early days

Katherine Howard was the daughter of Edmund Howard Duke of Norfolk. No one knows when Katherine was born but we Estimate between 1520-1526.katherine was a very beautiful woman, her family was very important and she loved a good laugh and music. Katherine was also Catholic.

How she met Henry

Katherine Howard was very important, so her parents got her a very good job as lady in waiting to Anne of cleaves Henry the viii’s 4th wife and not only was it a good job there was lots of boys in the palace. But one special boy caught Katherine’s eye. All the maids liked him, but why did he choose Katherine? |It was love at first sight. His name was Thomas Cullpepper. But then she got bored because someone higher up sent her love letters and kind gifts. His name was Henry and he was the king but still married to Anne of Cleaves. Soon Henry got divorced and married Katherine.

After the wedding

After the wedding Henry got hurt when he was jousting so Katherine got bored again. She soon found something new to do though. Katherine decided to ask Thomas Cullpepper to be her boyfriend again. Then after Henry’s leg got better he decided to take Kathryn on holiday up north. While they were gone somebody sent Cranmer a letter saying that Kathryn had two boyfriends before she was married to Henry. Their names were Francis Dirham and Mannoks!. When Henry got back Cranmer told him in private. Henry hung, drew and quatered Francis Dirham, mannoks didn’t count because he wasn’t a proper boyfriend. But Cull Pepper got beheaded and 6 months later so did Katherine.

By Emily

What santa does ( homework )

Santa goes home from delivering presents and he goes to sleep till 1st of  january. when he wakes up he checks his raindeer and feeds them and he looks at us and he puts a smile on his face because everyone  is playing and sharing with there toys and being good. he  goes and puts his sledge in a garage, which he polishes. Then the door bell rings, it was his wife “happy new year” they both say at the same time.              

Easter – Santa eats his choclatte eggs and rests himself down.

Summer – Santa’s elves get him a swimming pool and they all play in it.

Artume – Santa and his elves make a picture out of  leaves and conkers and much more.

 Winter – he gets ready for christmas.

by megan

What santa does when its not christmas


Some people think Santa sleeps before and after Christmas. I don’t, I’ve seen Santa before. Sorry my name is Emily I am nine years old and I have an interesting tale to tell. This is how the story goes.


It begins on the sixteenth of April 2011. I was so very grateful for all my presents I decided to send Santa a thank you letter.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my presents

I am very grateful,

But I have a question,

What do you do when it is

Not Christmas?

From Emily J


The next day was very sunny, I was waiting by the door for a reply. Finnaly a letter came in a posh envelop with my name on it. It had a red ribbon tied around it and it said


To Emily,

Meet me in the park at 9:15 tonight

From Santa




So I set off at 9:13 because it only takes 2 two minutes to get to the park. When I got there, there was a fat shape hiding behind the t.ree.

It was Santa! ‘Hello Emily’ he said. ‘I am going to pause time in England so you can come and see what I do when it is not Christmas’ he explained. I gasped ‘wow thanks Santa I’m sure were going to have lots of fun.’ So off we went, but there was a problem. All the reindeer had run off apart from two. His and her name was Prancer and Dancer.

We looked all over Wigan but we could not find the reindeer. Santa wasn’t wearing his red outfit. He was wearing some pink pyjamas with Rudolf and Frosty on. Santa called the SSIT, the Secret Snow Invention Team. They looked around, but then we heard a rustle coming from under the bridge. Dancer went to investigate she came back with some very sad reindeer. ‘We didn’t know where you were Santa, so we decided to come and look for you’ said Rudolf. ‘We saw some carrots so we ran but we accidently, skidded into a bush.’

“Oh well, I suppose we should go home and some milk and cookies.” Said Santa gleefully. It was very fun on the sleigh although sometimes I felt a bit sick. I was okay. When we got to Santa’s house, Santa told me what he does when it’s not Christmas:


Wrap presents

Make presents


Check the good and bad list


 Train new reindeer and snowmen

Practise climbing down the chimney

Get thinner





 I even saw Santa’s grotto and were the reindeer live. When I got home I got to go down the chimney. I gave Santa a big hug and whispered “goodbye.”

That night was THE BEST NIGHT I HAVE EVER HAD so far!!!

by Emily