The Turtles song

One sunny day there was a boy named Alex at his grandma’s right next to a sea and he was sat on a sofa board watching T.V. A few minutes later his friend came to Alex grandma’s house and played in the backyard with Ben’s football. And suddley they came to the end of the deck and they put a magic rock in the sea. And Alex’s name was called and his friends name Ben was called too.

The end

By Alex K

4 thoughts on “The Turtles song”

  1. Brilliant story Alex i like it because you have put hard work into it it is awesome 🙂

  2. wellcome jorden sooner are later you will be selldeld in to year4,year5,and year6. I hope you have lots of fun hear. jorden is this the best school in your life because I like you for a friend and welldone for geting star of the day for your ferst day at st. andwers plese do you like it herer I think you do

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