The Turtles song

One sunny day there was a boy named Alex at his grandma’s right next to a sea and he was sat on a sofa board watching T.V. A few minutes later his friend came to Alex grandma’s house and played in the backyard with Ben’s football. And suddley they came to the end of the deck and they put a magic rock in the sea. And Alex’s name was called and his friends name Ben was called too.

The end

By Alex K

Dog Support

It could be you’re only chance to help all these dogs in England, Africa, Spain and many more countries of the world. You can take care of these dogs in a really bad sickness and could die without your help. Please adopt a dog now before it’s too late. You should love dogs does not matter who’s it is. It should be loved really well by a good person like you. Hurry up when they’ve died they’ve died. I love dogs. I know 4 dogs called, Daisy, Rascal, Lexi and Jack. Rascal is my dog I love him. 

by Megan       



Horses are great animals and I will do anything to save horses. Because I love horses they are great to ride and to stroke and all sorts of stuff to do with horses. So be nice to them. Do not harm them. Maybe 1p or 10p or even £5.00 can save a horses life. So please save one of these loving animals before it’s to late.

by megan

Charlotte and the angry bench (kayleah’s version)

Charlotte had been playing games in the play ground and was starting to get tired so she decided to go and sit on the bench. Not soon later myself and Lucy joined her. All puffing and sweating VERY MUCH. Suddenly the angry bench through Charlotte of !!! She fell backeards of the bench and banged her head hard on the concrete floor. And next time she was a bit more careful (but it still happend again!!!)

kayleah a

Charlotte and the ANGRY Bench

One day the was a girl named Charlotte who came in to school one day and she answered her name in the register. the teacher was Mrs Rooks. First it was literacy (charlotte’s worst lesson) we were writing Fantasy stories she wrote a story about a little girl named Ashley. After the lesson Charlotte sat on the bench in a school garden. When she sat down on the bench suddenly she fell of the bench and Lucy helped her up with her cream coat on finally it was the end of play time

The end

By Lucy and Nicola Editor Alex