Kickrounders festival

When we got to the Kick Rounders festival Mr Sharkey told us the groups and we got in them after that we started playing are first game we won. Next game we lost by one point and the 3rd game we won again after that we watch team A because I was team B and we where not playing. Next was are 4th game we won that one and are last one we won but the big news is the A section St. Andrews won and the B section WE CAME 1ST TOO!

By Lucy A

The wobbly Jelly and eyeball

In a land far away lived a little jelly called Wibble and a eyeball called Ellie. One day Wibble was in his house when a monster came and knocked on the door and tried to catch him but then the monster got him and took him to his den. Then the monster heard a noise from above his den so he went outside to see what it was… it was a loud alien called Squiggles. He took him in his den for tea but then he noticed that the Wibble was gone. Suddenly he saw that Ellie the eyeball had saved  him he was angry but then he saw Ellie the eyeball had saved the day.

The  End

By Lucy A

Howard Carter

Howard Cater was the man who found Thutan khamun Egypt’s fifth king who had had mummification. He did not believe in the curse. When he found the mummy he had a mosquito bite on his cheek but on king thutan’s cheek he had one in exactly the same place. Howard Carter was in his 40’s or 50’s when he found the mummy. Seventeen years later he died by natrual causes.

By Kayleah A