What I left for Santa

on christmas eve all of the adults came to pick up there presents while the children wait for santa. Me and my brother Kai found a santa tracker on the internet it shown us where santa was delivering presents. At 8:00 I started to write a letter to put with Santa’s treats . His plate of goodies comprised of 2 pounds a choclate orange 2 carrots and some milk. I had a wonderful christmas

And i hope that you did to


My Trip To Empire Cinema

On Wednesday morning between 9:20 and 10:00 A M we all packed our stuff for a trip to the cinema, Mr Sharkey said find yourself a partner. My partner was Bethany. We were going to walk to the cinema but we couldn’t because the weather was so bad. So we walked to the corner to take the coach. the whole of the key stagetwo went !!! We were on the coach for about 10 minutes. on the way there Bethany shown me her aunty’s house. When we arrived we said thank you to the driver of the coach, it was really cold outside. Once we got inside we watched all of the advertisements, they were at least 15 minuteslong !!! We watched Mega Mind, At first it showed mega mind as a baby then his mum and dad sent him away with only a minion for company. He really wanted to be good at school but there was another  child named metro man who could fly and was always saving the day, so mega mind decided to be evil. he grew up in prison and  one day he escaped from prison. that day was the opening of Metro Man’s museum. he kid napped Roxanne. metro man went to save her but then he faked his death. in the end mega mind was the hero

The film was awesome


P.s take a look at these photos

The main characters:

Mega Mind As a baby                   Mega Mind 

my christmas

8.00 i wake up and shout mum! dad! jacob! till they wake up

8.30 i open my presents

9.00 eat some of the choclattes that i get in my stocking

9.30 go to nan’s house for christmas dinner and she has a presents for us

10.00 play with all presents

10.30 all dinner guests arive

11.00 we eat the christmas food

11.30 pop lots of crackers

12.00 play agian with toys

and thats my christmas

by megan