What Santa Does (Homework) By Kayleah

I think when Santa isn’t delivering presents he sleeps through the Summer, wakes up in the Autumn and starts instructing the elves about what toys to make. Once all the elves know what they are doing he puts his head elf in charge and sleeps until December.

 On the first of December he feeds his reindeer, who have been training. He feeds them forty carrots, sixteen leaves from his magical tree, (which helps them fly much better) and a turnip from the Icicle underground burrow.

On the second of December he checks round all the houses to see if the receiving elves have collected the present lists from the well behaved children.

 On the third of December Santa has a uniform inspection of his elves. Their uniform comprises of a red hat and green shirts with brown buttons. The girls have to wear red and white tights or green and white tights, whilst the boys wear green pants.

 On the forth of December it is a day for the elves, while Santa sits on the untrained reindeer to check if they’re strong enough to hold him and the presents, ready for the next year when they can come on the sleigh ride with Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Donna. While Santa does this the elves sit watching TV with cups of coffee next to them. They watch a DVD about what actions are good enough to go on the good list, or naughty enough to go on the naughty list.

On the 5th of December the elves put the finishing touches on all of the toys, while Santa drinks cocoa.  On the sixth of December the elves go to school to learn how to count. They need to know how to count because if they don’t they won’t know if they have made the right amount of each toy.

On the seventh of December Santa goes to his  grotto to see mother and baby Santa. While the elves start to wrap up the presents.  On the eighth of December the elves perform a Christmas show for Santa mother and baby.  On the ninth of December the elves and Santa  help make cookies for baby Santa’s birthday (which  is the twenty third of December)

On the tenth of December the elves and Santa babysit baby Santa while Mother Santa delivers clothes to shops around the world for one week. On the twentieth of December Santa and the elves pack up the sleigh and have a test run round all of the homes.

On the twenty first of December Mother Santa, Baby Santa and Santa visit their family members in the north and south pole. Then on the twenty second he checks the naughty and nice list. On the twenty third he goes to see baby Santa on his birthday. On the twenty forth he delivers the presents to all of the well behaved children’  the twenty fifth he goes  back to sleep and every year he does the same.

                               By Kayleah


Christmas is a time of year where lots of people get toghether and celebrate Jesus birthday and  children and adults get presents. the person who gives the presents to every one is called Santa. you have to leave a minced pie and a drink for santa. but santa has lots of  raindeer friends who help santa drop off the presents. you have to leave carrots for them. i love christmas and i’m sure every one loves  it to.

by megan