My Christmas

7:30 Wakes up

7:31 Wakes Mum and Brother up

7:35 Mum guides down stairs and peaks through the door

7:36 Mum says there is no presents (But really theres loads!!!)

8:oo all presents opened

8:02 putting wraping paper in the bin

8:o5 ringing family to wish a merry christmas

8:10 plays with presents  

6:00 Starts cooking Dinner

7:oo friends and family arrive

7:30 We all tuck in

8:oo pull crackers

And that is my christmas



 Christmas is the best time of year for me because you get lots of presents, most of the time the family gets together and it might start to snow.  Christmas is also the best time of year because Father christmas comes and sends you letters or e-mails.

By Lucy A