The Curse of Thutan

When the tomb was first discovered, there were reports of a message written in ancient hieroglyphics on the outside of the tomb. Translated, the message said, “Death Shall Come on Swift Wings to Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King.” This gave rise to great speculation in the newspapers and magazines of the time that there was a curse on King Tut’s tomb. A few months after the tomb was open, a British Lord began ill from a mosquito bite. He was there when they opened the tomb. A few months later, he died. Rumor said a mark similar to the mosquito bite was found in the exact same position on King Tut’s cheek.

The ancient Egyptians believed that if their mummy was stolen or destroyed, their spirit would not be able to return to their mummified body at night, and they would disappear forever, no longer able to dwell in their Afterlife. Adding a curse or two to scare robbers into leaving their mummy alone.


 Illness and death have been linked to the opening of ancient tombs.  Archaeologists have discovered that there are poisonous plant molds in the tombs in many ancient tombs.

Howard Carter, the man who discovered King Tut’s tomb, lived to be 65. He died of natural causes. He never believed in a curse. Today, archaeologists wear masks when exploring tombs, to protect themselves from these dangerous plant molds.


Summer nearly here

Summer finally arrives

People really hot

All children playing outside

Summer has nearly gone

It starts to get cold

Autumn is finally here

People get colder

Lots of people stay in side

And then winter comes shortly

And then winter comes

It starts to snow really bad

It gets really cold

Children play out in the  snow

The snow has finally stopped

By Jamie

The Cinemas

On Wednesday The 15th of December Y3,Y4,Y5, and y6 all went to the cinemas watching MegaMind it was a really good film to watch but it was also in 3d .My favourite part was when Metroman faked his death. I would love to go to the cinemas again with school it was like half a day off. And I loved the film and hope everybody else loved it to.

By Jamie

christmas day

On christmas day I wake up as early as I can then I wake up every body else then I open my presents.After that I play whith my presents then on christmas evening I have my tea whith my mum,dad and grandma and grandad.After that we pull the crakers then go to ryan


mathletics is good for your maths and you can do lots of things like buy things whith your credits. But you have to  earn credits and you can earn them like when you earn a bronze certifacite you get 100 credits and if you get a silver you get 150 credits and if you get a gold you get 200 credits .If you play live which is realy good because if you click your mouse at the same time you can play against your mates and if you win you get 5 credits and if you get your highest score you get 10 credits.

My favourite class

My favourite class is year 4 because we have the best teacher Mr sharkey, Mr sharkey is my favourite because he gives us really fun work and when its near Christmas, we get really fun Christmas activities but sometimes I have to do a maths test but the maths test is fun. At wet play times he lets us play with the speed stacks but he also lets us play with the construction toys and on Friday afternoon playtimes he lets us use the computers.And he makes learning fun.

By Jamie M


Mathletics is brilliant for my maths in constantly going on it and I like  it because it is cool because I play Mathletics live or doing my challenge that my teacher set me. If you get 1000 points you get a bronze certificate  if you get 5 bronze certificates you get a silver certificate and if you get 4 silver certificates you get a gold certificate.

By Alex