I love Christmas because you get up in the morning there will be lots of presents on the floor but you will only get presents if you are good. christmas is a time of year were you spend time with your family. On Christmas day you selerbrate Jesus’s birthday. Lots of people on Christmas day have a christmas dinner.Reindeers  guide santa’s sleigh.On Christmas day some people go christmas carroling.On the 1st of December people open their Christmas calenders on the count down to Christmas.Lots of people go to Christmas partys and adults go and watch school christmas plays.Lots of people put Christmas decorations on their houses.


My Tanka

My Tanka


Blossom arriving

Tree turning beautifully

Trees have sweet senses

Flowers appear in green grass

It was beautiful to watch

Summer had arrived

Children celebrate schools end

Fun fairs come to town

Children ask parents to go

People go on holiday

Soon leaves fall of trees

Brown ones, red ones, some were green

Children collect big conkers

It gets colder in autumn

By Nicola B

The 6 wives of Henry vlll and how they died

The first wife of  Henry was Catherine of Aragon she got divorresed and died of old age. The second wife of  Henry was Anne Boleyn she was beheaded. The third wife of Henry was Jane Seymour she died of having a baby and she was Henrys favourite wife.The fourth wife of Henry was Anne of cleeves she was german and Henry didant think she was very pretty so he married her and then divorrsed her and she died of old age.The fith wife of Henry was Catherine Howard she got her head chopped off .The last wife of Henry was Catherine parr she surrvived Henryand she died of old age.