I think mathletics is really good beacause it can help your children improve on their maths when your you can click play live mathletics if you click at the same time as your friend you might go against then there five different levals leval one, leval two, leval three, leval four and leval five if you get onethousand points in a week you will get a bronze certificate if you get five bronze certificates you will get a silver if you get four silvers you will get a gold. if you beat your high score on the levals you will get ten credits and if you come first you will get five credits can be used at the shop to buy clothes, hairstyles, hairshades and lots more. I have improved on my time. I have a football background that costs 1,000 credits and my high score on leval one is 48 and my high score on leval five is 11. my favourite leval is levalone.

by jamie