Textile Naratives at Drumcroon

Year 4 had a wonderful afternoon at Drumcroon Art Gallery in Wigan looking at the work of artists Val Jackson and Jane McKeating.

These artists use different fabrics and threads to compose their work. We drew some sketches to inspire us and have used these to develop our own ArtΒ  at St. Andrew’s.

A big thanks to Mrs Ely, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Crooks who joined Year 4 on their creative learning experience.

Mr Sharkey

21 thoughts on “Textile Naratives at Drumcroon”

  1. we walked to the gallery and then we walked back to school and 4 of us whent in the car.

  2. Well done, Lauren! You have used the connective of the week in your writing. Remember to put your housepoint on when you get back to school. Enjoy your holidays.

    Mr Sharkey

  3. linsey looks like shes having a very good time then ilooked at alicia and she looked like she was having a rellay good time.

  4. I loved drawing all the stuff similarly i liked writing about them too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Looks like you all had a fab day and really enjoyed dunmcroon! When I went, in y4, I really enjoyed it to!

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