Shanice’s Story

A Fantasy Story


Once there lived a dragon called Cloudy. He was nice, pretty, loud, but mostly very unpopular. Cloudy was at home watching tv very sadly.


But suddenly he heard a bang “Bang! Bang! Bang!” so Cloudy went out side. It was an ugly, snotty high voiced goblin “let me in” he said in his high voice. “What are you doing?” he sobbed “I’m Ralf. Can I live with you I’m homeless?” Cloudy’s excitement grew “Yes. Yes you can, you can” as he was hugging Ralf  “hey get off me. So tell me about yourself” well I’m very unpopular  “ha-ha! I’m popular everyone loves me.” he laughed. Cloudy was depressed “hey we could go school together.” “ok”. Finally it was the end of school and cloudy was waiting for Ralf to come out of the toilet. He said to himself “hurry up Ralf. Come its nearly the end of school.”


But he was taking too long. At last he was out. He was walking to the door “oh no were locked in!” cried cloudy. Then Ralf found a hammer but still they couldn’t get out. Suddenly they fell down a hole. It was darker than the starry night “Ahhh!” Ralf screamed “hey!” shouted cloudy.  They found a key then a ring. But then the ring glowed and it was shinier than the stars. The ring wouldn’t come off Ralf’s finger but then “Pwoosh!”  they were gone. They were in the middle off nowhere. “I’m scared” said Ralf “the ring won’t come off”.


They were very scared but suddenly the key glowed and they were back in school but the ring and key had gone.


So Ralf and Cloudy were happy and they got jobs and they lived happily ever after.



by Shanice

11 thoughts on “Shanice’s Story”

  1. Your story is really good yet the dragon picture was a bit scary later i saw it propbally and it was really cute

    By jessie

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